What kind of dog are you looking for?

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   When it’s time to get a new dog or puppy for you or your family there are some things to think about to pick the right dog or puppy.

   Do you have children? You need to make sure of the breed of dog that will accept all ages of children. Some dogs would prefer older children that do not pick on them so much rather than just play with them­ what I mean on this, is like pulling a dog’s hair or even tail. This is just an accident waiting to happen, with the dog getting upset and biting the child­ this is just a reflex of the dog to bite in some circumstances because of the pulling. The child just needs to be taught this is not to be done because in turn they could be hurt by the dog by accident.

   Do you have other animals? Make sure you take other domestic animals with you to new dog or puppy to make sure they all get along. It’s always a good idea to do this. There are at times that animals just do not get along and it’s good that you find out ahead of time instead of getting the new puppy or dog to your house and then end up having so much trouble with them that actually one could get seriously injured. You have also fallen for the new dog or puppy and now you have to in turn take it back where you got it­ if they will let you bring it back or end up putting up with havoc until you find a new home for your new animal.

   What type of dog personality are you looking for? There are all types of dogs to chose from. It’s always best to find the right one that will fit your needs. Are you an active person? Then focus on a high maintenance and high energy level dog. Some suggestions are, Dalmatians, Retrievers, Jack Russells, Golden Retrievers and Shepherds of all sorts. This is just a few dogs that have high energy levels for your active life. If you are more of a stay at home person and laid back, maybe focus on a good couch potato dog. A great dog for this is a GreyHound, yes a greyhound­ even though these dogs did their share of racing and you would think they love to run­ that is not true. Once these dogs retire their racing life they love to just lay around and yes preferably on the couch and will take the whole couch. They don’t mind a short walk, but they are just looking for a new home that they totally deserve. Plus, there are several other dogs for this lifestyle too.

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